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3 Ways to Make Money Drawing


Did you know that you can make money drawing pictures? If you can create cartoon drawings, still life pictures, sketches, and paintings, there are literally thousands of companies that are willing to hire you to work from home drawing.

How to make money drawing

1. Draw Portraits of People

A few years ago I went to New York on holiday and visited Central Park, whilst I was there, I couldn't resist paying a talented artist to draw my portrait. If you have the gift of drawing life models or funny cartoon pictures of people, you could easily set-up your own business as a portrait artist, and work from busy locations like a park or a shopping mall. You could even set-up a website and paint portraits from photographs.

2. Sell Your Art On Merchandise

Fancy owning your own merchandise? Sell your art on t-shirts, mugs, hats, keyrings and more! Zazzle is the world’s largest marketplace for custom products with over 80 million unique product designs and billions of product options available. Using their easy design tools, you can upload your own images, change styles, and add text to your heart’s desire. Choose from hundreds of apparel styles and colors, to get started set-up a free Zazzle Store.

3. Become A Freelance Artist

Freelance artists usually work from home at their own convenience and at their own time. They do not have to go to an office everyday and work from 9-5. Generally, freelance artists work on a per project basis, they negotiate their own rates of pays with employers. The good news is that anyone can work as a freelance artist, irrespective of age, sex, race and location.

It isn't difficult to start earning money from your artwork, it's easy to find legitimate get paid to draw jobs once you know where to look, simply do a search on Bing or Google for the term "freelance artists" and you'll find lots of companies hiring.


Cartoonist for Keynote Speech

Budget: Fixed $500 - $1000 - Location: Anywhere - Start: Immediately

I'm presenting a speech at a Business Process Management conference May 10th. I have about a dozen illustration I would like to include in my presentation (PowerPoint).



College Cartoons

Budget: Less than $500 - Location: Anywhere - Start: Immediately

I'm looking for 6 funny cartoons (single cell images) on the subject of college for one-time use in our company newsletter called COLLEGE BOUND. OK to use comics already in your portfolio, or OK to create from scratch. Not looking for exclusive rights.

OK topics include:

- college life
- the college application process
- paying for college
- the stress of getting into college
- visiting a college for the first time
- empty nest syndrome
- almost anything that has to do with college or college life or attending college, studying, etc.

The only rule is, we have to keep it clean.



Illustrator for Drawings

Budget: Less than $500 - Location: Anywhere - Start: Immediately

I have a series of drawings that need creative coloring and styling. They are already pencilled drawn and just need color added to the files and retouched a bit. There are about 30-40 drawings. The coloring is at your discretion and will be appropriate to the theme, which is drug related dark humor.


The best sites to get paid to draw jobs

1. Elance.com   

Start making money and get yourself registered in freelancing sites like Elance.com. If you have skills and talent and are seeking independent work online, Elance offers access to qualified clients, a virtual workplace and guaranteed pay for great work. To help make delivering great results easier for you, Elance.com offers a suite of tools to help make your work life efficient.

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